On the deck.




      I was born in Washington, DC. I spent my youth on the east coast.  My father would start business, and then sell it when the business turned a profit.  Thinking back, I now think he was part gypsy.  He would then move us and start another business.

     I entered the military in February 1966.  I meet my wife Millie in December 1969.  We were married on Valentine’s day of the following year.

     I am a Vietnam war vet.  I also spent time in Europe.  My last assignment was at Fort Hood, Texas.  I have been here since I retired in 1986.

     Writing, photography, and reading are my hobbies.  I began writing in earnest in 2002. Before I wrote for my own pleasure.  My passion is science fiction, though I do dabble in other types of fiction.  My cousin suggested after reading one of my stories that I might try my hand at publishing a few.